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β€œTo singularly define yourself, can be limiting both professionaly as creatively.” 
As a freelancer in the creative industries, I profile myself as being versatile. However, if you go looking for me, you will most likely find me somewhere within the film industry. As a creative producer in the documentary field, a curious and flexible researcher, a collaborating coordinator, a well-informed moderator or just somewhere in between where I can make a contribution to the world and beauty of all that is film.
I look for challenges and the ability to be amazed and grow in everything I do. Maybe when you read this, I will have started my own production company for documentary films, maybe I am directing one myself, or am I helping a team to find the right language to translate their vision into words. Maybe I am working within or together with a film festival, a fund or an organisation that works for young or underrepresented professionals in the industry. 

You might just run into me at an event, having a drink, a talk, a laugh.  
Getting inspired, starting new projects or trying to build new connections for myself or others. 
And who knows? Maybe in 50 years time, I will run that Bed & Breakfast you keep wanting to go back to. The one with that great collection of films in its hologram collection, and that funny lady at the front desk with those great stories to share… πŸ˜‰ 
Want to know what I am up to right now? Want to see if we could work together?
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